What Makes Them So Popular About Grocery Shopping

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Valentine evening on my way home, I thought I’d surprise my husband with something nice since he had now landed a new job. Already out of town and just past Sheraton Mall, I thought I’d stop at Popular Discounts Supermarket in Kendal Hill and check it out, after all it’s a really beautiful building.

BOOM! Yes, I said BOOM!

I could barely get inside and my favourite SANGSTERS Rum Cream Liqueur on front display for only $20.99.  Is this real? Is the expiry date the next day? Am I seeing right? So many questions filled my mind. Fuming with some anger, I felt I was being ripped off from the other markets; $45 was what I was shelling out and that was before NSRL, before all the downgrades, before the DLP; heck! even before 2008.

You probably want to know the answers to the questions I asked. Yes, it was real; the expiry date was over a year away and yes, I was definitely seeing right.

After a few minutes while my feelings were returning to some normalcy I heard someone call my name. It was Paula, my neighbour who lived in the same gap as me.

“Glad you finally made it here girl”

“Yes, I did.” That was all I could muster for the first few seconds before we ended our chat and off I went on an expedition to see what other great deals awaited me.

So much for just purchasing a bottle of wine; it was the middle of the month and there I was grocery shopping like it was the end of the month. I think it was one of those times I thought I’d better get as many things now because the opportunity will never return.

Maybe Popular will become the Chefette of supermarkets where you can shop at a different one every fifteen minutes of driving. There’re only three branches so they have a long way to go, but those prices, DAMN!

What if the same great minds behind this grocery supermarket giant sold cars, built homes, started a bank or a hospital? It’s as if they missed the inflation train because some of those prices are from the 90s or early 2000s.

Most of us have a general idea of what inflation means – stuff gets more expensive. Of course, inflation is a bit more complicated than that. It plays a pretty significant role in our day-to-day finances; from your income to the cost of milk or how much interest you’ll earn on your retirement savings.

Inflation is pretty simple. It’s just the rate at which goods and services increase in value, and in turn, at which the dollar drops in value. For example, your latte now costs $3.50 instead of $3.25, which means your dollar buys less latte. It’s the same old latte, but now your dollar buys less of it, so in that way, your dollar has less value.

I think Popular’s business model is working. I like the extra wide spacious isles; however, the checkout lines are long even though they have over 10 stations and the car park is always full. I was told that it’s like that EVERYDAY. That’s to be expected with those prices but I’ll be back.

This is not a paid ad, since I’m a contributing author on this website I had to ask management nicely to run it, Oh Yea just so you know I bought the last two bottles, cheers!

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