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We all want something done, either you want a mason or carpenter to do some work on your home or office, or maybe a plumber to fix a water issue. What about a tiler to finish tiling your bathroom? This is a FREE service from Classimax.

Get FREE quotations direct to your email.

Whatever it is we all want a professional from time to time.

We got you!

Now you can ask just one question and get multiple answers from handymen, florist, hairstylist, or even funeral directors. We are always adding new categories of professions.

Here is how it works.

Simply visit the Business Quotations page and select the professional you want, then you will be taken to a page where you can ask questions and get multiple quotes.

Ask any question you want such as:

  • Can you give me a quote on tiling a bathroom 10 x 10?
  • I’m looking for a mason to work on my office ASAP, plz call me ASAP
  • My granny just died, what is the cost of a funeral?
  • Is your hair salon open on Sundays?
  • I need my nails for an office function, can you fit me in tomorrow?
  • Lawyer, what is your cost when purchasing land?

Then lookout for multiple answers from people willing to assist you.

After you got the help you wanted, we would love to hear how it went.

We Are Always Looking

If you need more customers for your business then send us your details, for example, what kind of work you do, your email and contact number (s). Big, small or home-based businesses can send us your details.

Send your details to such as:

John Brown
Autobody Repair or Lawyer or Hair Stylist, etc.
My email is:
Tel: 222-2222

After you have sent us your details expect calls from people all over Barbados and maybe abroad depending on what category of work you do. It’s FREE

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