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“If I had to live life all over again I would still choose this path because this life is about helping people to live, and live healthily.” These are the words and convictions of Dr. Stan Odle, Natural Medicine Doctor for the last thirty-eight years.

Where does the inspiration for such a journey in life begin? Dr. Stan talked a bit about his childhood.

My grandmother lived in Richmond, St Michael, and Dr. Cato (brother to the then Prime Minister of St Vincent) was one of her neighbours.

My character and future life

My parents lived nearby as well. One day when I was six years old, my grandmother came to my mother and father’s house and took me by the hand. She informed my parents that this child was hers and she would be raising him. She took me to live with her and from that day called me Dr. Cato. She basically spoke this over my life from an early age and spiritually molded my character and future life.

All my relatives, to this day, still know me by this name – Dr. Cato. He asserts that she remains one of the greatest influences in his life. The brilliant doctor in the making would go on to fulfil these words as he migrated to Great Britain to join his parents.

I was eleven or twelve and joined an all-white high school in second form. I was one of a handful of boys of colour in the entire school but I went on to become the first head boy of colour. They must have seen something in me to by-pass all of these other boys.

There were over 1200 children at that school and I was one of only three students who, in our final year, got sufficient A-levels passes to go on to university straight out of 6 th form.  I studied Organic Chemistry as an undergraduate, Food Science and Technology for my Masters and then a Doctorate in Naturopathy.


While I was still an undergraduate I did a research paper on cashew shell nut liquid which was later published in the scientific journal known as “Chemistry & Industry”. This is almost unheard of as coming from an undergraduate student and was quite an achievement. As part of an undergraduate chemistry degree course I did a seconded period of study in Israel at the Israeli Institute of Technology in Haifa.

His philosophy of helping others is borne out in how he would like to see the field of modern medicine progress. I would like us to reach the point where persons in the allopathic community in Barbados take a page out of the book of European doctors who work hand in hand with natural medical doctors and are getting great results for their patients.

“I would also like to see persons taking far greater responsibility for their own health and nutrition. Times are changing and we are getting closer to where persons will have to pay for healthcare.”

When Dr Odle speaks about health matters, he does so passionately. He is a big proponent of empowering people. “Nutrients affect the biochemistry and physiology of our bodies but we have been brainwashed into believing the solution lies in a drug.

There are foods and herbs on this earth, ordained by God, for the healing of mankind. Cancers and other chronic non-communicable diseases are on the increase; figures have gone through the roof in spite of all the technological advances made in medicine. This simply means that we are not addressing the problem at the root!



We emphasize drugs, surgery and radiation therapy which are failed modalities. We are designed to function on adequate nutritional inputs. There are solutions and research from numerous countries have shown that we can solve these problems.

He himself was an organic chemist who specialized in extracting the active ingredients from Herbs and other natural products and used them to create medicines for large pharmaceutical companies. “The problem is, these medicines or drugs all have side effects.

The herbs have numerous chemical components which are balanced and this Ying Yang effect results in little to no adverse outcomes. On the contrary pharmaceutical drugs are the 4th leading cause of death in the USA. It is hurtful to see that those who profess Christianity are the first ones to take pharmaceutical drugs rather than taking nutrition which is God’s design and plan for us. We have disobeyed the laws of health and we cannot circumvent, bypass or ignore the laws of health. God instituted them and we cannot do better than God.


While many may know Dr. Stan as a Natural Medicine Doctor there are something’s you may not know behind the title.

Three of them are:

  1. I am introverted – I don’t like crowds.
  2. I write songs and poems as a hobby.
  3. I invent board games. I like to play them and create them.

Consultations are free and the information is in abundance. As the doctor believes in taking time to listen, you may expect your visit not to be rushed. I, myself, had a short consultation and was given an analysis in just minutes. Sometimes we forget that the best gift we can give our loved ones is a well cared free version of ourselves. Do not delay your opportunity to turn a new page or improve your lifestyle practices. Your family, friends and indeed the world needs your input.

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For over a decade, the “Health R Us” clinic has operated from its Grazettes Main Road location in St Michael. Patients of the clinic have become living testimonies of the nutritional and natural treatments used to help patients recover from cancer, diabetes, aids and other chronic non-communicable diseases. Apart from the treatments, a variety of supplements are available on sale. Among the newest of these products is the Biome Medic.

With so many brands available on the market, I asked Dr. Stan Odle what made this particular product so unique. “The science behind it proves that it does what it says,” he declared simply. So what does Biome Medic do?

It primarily removes the toxic chemical called glyphosate from your body. Glyphosate is known to be cancer-causing and yet may be found in an alarming 75% of our foods! Foods such as, breakfast cereals, bread, chips and ice cream. Wherever there is a label which says GMO (Genetically modified organisms), you put yourself at risk to cancer-causing agents. For those of us who try to eat our veggies and fruits and stick to naturally produced foods, we are unfortunately not entirely exempt. The popular WEED KILLER known as “ROUNDUP” which we use to spray our crops contains glyphosate. The imported fruits and vegetables we eat also contain glyphosate.

Dr. Stan says “It is important for the average person to use the natural supplement BIOME MEDIC to ensure there is not a build-up of glyphosate in the body. Every single cancer patient SHOULD ALSO TAKE IT”.

Biome Medic also supports the good bacteria in your body, which helps to boost your immunity. It also rebuilds the lining of your gut to help your body better absorb the food you digest and aids in weight loss.

When it comes to your health, what you put in is what you get out. As Dr. Stan says “People need to invest in their health and not take good health for granted.” Today is as good a day as any to get started. Reading food labels and being more aware of what you are consuming is a beginning. Investing in a proactive solution such as the Biome Medic is the next logical step. Your consultation with Dr. Stan is free of cost and the staff is intent on giving you all the knowledge and options possible so that you can make the best health choices. Contact Dr. Stan and his team at  “Health R Us” clinic to secure your purchase.


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Call Dr Stan today for your FREE CONSULTATION. on (246) 253-5858
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