The Historic Garrison Tunnels

An exciting adventure is the GARRISON TUNNELS in Barbados. Over 150 years old (almost 200 years old), and feature miles of networking underground shafts.

These almost forgotten underground tunnels are located about 12 to 17ft beneath the Historic Garrison Area, and stretch approx. 2 miles under the Garrison Savannah area.

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It was expanded to at least (9) tunnels in the Savannah area with others extending into the lower lands to the west, with reports that some run extended distances outside of the Garrison’s 151 acres (to date, we have not been able to confirm this).

Military Area

Research to date suggest that these mysterious Garrison Tunnels (c1820) were used as a drainage course for the then swampy Savannah, and also to facilitated secret movement of soldiers, connecting them to still undiscovered locations throughout this military area.

The arched roof Garrison tunnels were carved through limestone rock, and were believed to be built by British military personel.

These tunnels were rediscovered during the restoration of George Washington House.

The tunnel at George Washington House was ‘re-discovered’ purely by chance, in June 2011, while preparation work was being undertaken, by the Garrison Consortium, for the relocation of the on-site cafe. After research and exploration, we soon realised that this tunnel extended far beyond the boundaries of the property measuring approximately 3,200ft in length! The section under George Washington House is quite spectacular as the height extends from the more normal 7ft to almost 12ft.

So far we have estimated the network to be in excess of 10,000ft.

The Garrison Tunnels are now open to the public from Monday to Friday.
This is the newest attraction in the Garrison area and accessible only from George Washington House, see part of the largest underground network of tunnels at a former British Garrison, anywhere in the world!

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Live Guided Garrison Tunnels Tours available: 9am – 4pm (MON – FRI) (DURATION: approx. 15 minutes)
– Tunnel Tour ONLY – ADMISSION: US$10.00 (Adult)/ $5.00 (Child)
– Tunnel Tour + George Washington House Tour (MON – FRI) – ADMISSION: US$15.00 (Adult)/ $7.50 (Child)
– Tunnel Tour + Historic Garrison Night Tour (Walking Tour every other FRI) – ADMISSION: US$15.00

(NO Advance Bookings required)


Viewings of the Garrison Tunnels are also available in the Historic Garrison Tour Package…
(Featuring Closed Circuit Television viewing at the George Washington House – Audio & Visual Link-Up )

Persons sit in an air-conditioned room at George Washington House and view the tunnels via a live feed on television, as a guide tours the network of underground pathways, with live audio commentary. Lighting and cameras are installed at strategic points throughout the tunnels.

 (Advance Bookings required Thursdays Only)

Garrison Night Tour & Tunnel Experience
A bit of a thriller, this tour focuses on the macabre side of life in the Garrison.
Murders, executions, crimes and punishments!

This guided Garrison walking night tour & Tunnel experience takes place every other Friday from 6pm.
(available from June until March of the following year)

(Feel free to bring a torch to light your path and an umbrella, in the event of showers)

Before the main tour you will have the unique opportunity to experience the Garrison Tunnels by night.
Tunnel Tours: Between 6pm – 7pm
Night Tours: From 7pm

BDS $30.00 / US $15.00 (BDS $20.00 / US $10.00 Child)

(NO Advance Bookings required)
Size of Tunnels: 2ft wide x 8 – 12ft tall
Public access available to: 200ft stretch below George Washington House
(This particular tunnel is 3,200 ft long in its entirty)

So far there are at least an additional 7,500 feet of unexplored (and currently inaccessible) tunnels.

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