When You Need A Fresh Start

 Are you feeling stuck, depressed or uninterested in your daily activities? A fresh start may be exactly what the doctor ordered!

Getting a fresh start evokes some very positive feelings – namely optimism, vision, excitement and anticipation.

Of course, it’s not always so convenient to make a fresh start – with the daily demands of life and various commitments to consider, but if you see the benefits, you might be inspired to make a change for a better, life with greater scope.

Let’s start with some key indicators.

You know a fresh start is needed when:

  1. You’re always late.

Tardiness is often a key sign of chaos or disconnection from your day. Also, if you’re finding it challenging maintaining a schedule.

  1. You’re uninspired.

You have no joy – whether in simple, everyday things or bigger, more prestigious or significant events.

  1. You’re waiting for a breakthrough because you’re fed up.

Drudgery or tedium doesn’t generally end at the wave of a magic wand (if only!) or by exceptional circumstances such as winning the lottery. Rather, most of the time, we have to actively choose to break out of the rut.

  1. You’re overwhelmed by clutter.

This is the number one red flag of a life that could use a fresh start. Clear your clutter and your life will improve.

  1. You feel drained, instead of energised.

If your routine exhausts you, rather than bringing excitement, you could use a “re-set”.

  1. You make excuses and blame others for your feelings.

When the boredom, fatigue and chaos goes on too long, this is typically when accountability gets tossed aside, and we start to play the blame game.

  1. You’re experiencing mood swings.

This is when the chaos really sets in, and feeling cluttered, overwhelmed and drained becomes entrenched.

  1. You always talk about making a big change, but never do it.

The breaking point usually comes when it feels better to take a risk – dare to make a fresh start  – than to remain in a state of misery.

So exactly HOW do you begin to make that fresh start?

It could be a travelling to a place you’ve always wanted, a career change, embarking on a new way of eating or living, breaking a bad habit, leaving a toxic relationship or finding the courage to allow yourself to fall in love again.

There’s no step-by-step guide for the fresh start YOU may specifically need, but there are a number of wholistic ways to support your desire for change to make it a reality:

These should to get you on the road:

Clean your home environment

A clean house can do wonders for your mental state!

Use water to increase flow.

Since water is the element of fresh starts, you might want to take more baths or go swimming. Being immersed in large body of water is conducive to introspection, inspiration, creativity and flowing –  a great  boon when you’re feeling stagnant. Just drinking more water can be wonderfully rejuvenating.

Take a vacation.

This is one of the best ways to purge yourself of a bad habit or habitual negative thought patterns.

Redecorate your home

With the help of a feng shui practitioner, you can design the fresh start you so crave, and have your home support your greatest dreams/ aspirations. If you’re ready to make a positive change, this is a perfect place to start.

Rosemarie Layne

Rosemarie Layne is the holder of an Associate Degree in Mass Communication and a certified Early Childhood Educator. A wholistic health advocate, certified in 2nd Degree Reiki, she owns and operates Rose's Wellness Hub. She is also a private language tutor at Personal Touch Language Services and the Principal of La Bella Rosa School of Dance Arts.