5 Vehicles You Should Own Going Into The Future

Below is a list of vehicles and some of their qualities, if you own one of the brands mention in our line up then good for you, if not then get yourself one and get a peace of mind.


Suzuki vehicles now are outfitted with a complete bundle of energetic and passive protection technologies that ensure high worldwide protection ratings. Suzuki has once again been rated as number one in customer satisfaction in New Zealand and many other parts of the world consistent with the recent unbiased Canstar Blue survey.

The smaller vehicles are engineered to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize CO2 emissions.

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Being small, they require fewer assets to build and create much less waste while their beneficial existence is over. Plus Suzuki take exquisite pleasure in using a high percent of recyclable materials inside the manufacture of their cars.

Suzuki became has the maximum five stars in all classes; car reliability, driving experience, value for money, point of sale and after sales service. Suzuki takes protection very serious.

Passive measures encompass as much as seven SRS airbags, mechanisms for brake and clutch pedals, side impact beams, three-factor ELR seat belts and energetic front seat belt pretensioners. An electronic stability program (ESP®) ABS with EBD, traction manage and stability manage. My favourite is the Suzuki swift, it’s an appealing car.

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With its cutting-edge, sharply-defined frame styling and the selection of lots of various shades, it could be customized to your perfection. The Suzuki swift gives a very clean drive. With its clever form, drivers right away understand in which the car’s corners are, making parking a convenient task. You’ll also be mind-blown by way of the speed and sharp handling around even the tightest corners! Get yourself a Suzuki today and enjoy driving.


Mitsubishi isn’t a new player, in fact it’s an old company with a sparkling, revolutionary of ideas. It’s place in the automobile industry dates back to 1917 when it added its first model, the model A. Mitsubishi persisted to make records everyday within the vehicle industry and has continuously fashioned the face of vehicle-making all across the globe. Mitsubishi values innovation and affordability.


The lancer is by far a choice for millions of people worldwide, Mitsubishi prides itself on growing automobiles in contrast to every other. The 2019 Mitsubishi Lancer has a shape that is smooth and athletic in its layout. The slender frame stretches out to a front end that proudly shows the Mitsubishi diamond emblem inside the center of its grille.

The lower back end is powerful and reduce at a decent squared angle that gave the Lancer a tougher finish and an impressive silhouette.

The Mitsubishi Lancer is an automobile designed to be fun. It’s an automobile full of new and exciting technology all of which are there to enhance your driving experience. Most Lancer models now come ready with a vast selection of audio functions.

Mitsubishi cars also are constructed with a collection of protection technology like Traction control logic and active stability control that provide you with one of the maximum smart and controlled drives everywhere.


These days, Subaru ranks very high in customer delight, mechanical reliability and all-terrain overall performance. All Subaru vehicles include sure-footed Symmetrical All-Wheel drive and bulletproof boxer engines.


The lineup consists of two-seat RWD sports vehicles, AWD crossovers, relaxed commuter sedans and renowned rally racers. however, as Subaru points out, “Love. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.”

Subaru, identified by consumer reviews as a pinnacle vehicle maker and is one of the world’s most reputable car producers.

So why buy a Subaru? Well there are numerous approaches to answer this query, but all of them link back to a single compelling brand promise: self-assurance in movement. This indicates confidence from the word go — trusting that the automobile you’ve selected is a nice product with advanced ranges of innovation, engineering, protection, functionality and reliability constructed right in.


Once your choice is made, self-assurance builds via the driving and the ownership experience. That is wherein you return to realize the stellar build quality, the mind-blowing gasoline performance and the genuine satisfaction of being at the back of the wheel of your Subaru. That is additionally wherein the price of proudly owning a Subaru becomes strengthened from the first actual day and each day after.


Isuzu vehicles dates back to 1916 and is now the world’s largest producer of trucks and diesel engines. generating heavy, medium and light-duty trucks, buses, passenger automobile engines and business-use diesel engines. Isuzu vehicles is at the leading edge of car chassis and diesel engine technology.

Over the years, the dominant traits of the Isuzu D-Max had been refined and developed to constantly improve its all-round overall performance. And current trends have further strengthened the Isuzu D-Max as being the right choice for professionals who want a workhorse they are able to rely upon.

Isuzu D-Max

Proudly owning a truck is something each person must enjoy at least once, if not two times, or 3 times as a minimum. The pickup truck ownership gives a totally extraordinary driving experience than whatever a compact or maybe mid-sized family vehicle can supply to its driver.

Long past are the days when trucks had only a front seat, and the journey turned into bouncy and bumpy. These days you get a clean trip, roomy back seat sufficient for 3 adults and four doors. you also get some of the much needed vehicle like cabin capabilities, which includes power everything and even key-less entry and ignition.

One thing you must know is that the Isuzu D-Max comes with protection capabilities like dual SRS airbags, ABS, EBD and BA with ultimate steering control when the brake are applied. The cabin structure incorporates of high tensile steel. I had the pleasure of driving one of these awesome vehicles and the ride was mind blowing fun.


From the innovative Volt and incredibly less expensive Spark to the flexible Equinox and award-winning Colorado, each car within the Chevrolet lineup has that unique something. whether or not it’s segment-leading gasoline friendly, extra indoor area than every other car within the class, or an unheard of mixture of treasured functions, Chevrolet is continuously pushing the limits of what vehicles are capable of doing and upping the ante for competition to catch up.

Chevrolet Equinox

when you step into a Chevrolet, you can right away tell that a person placed their heart and soul into the fit and finish of this master gem, the layout of the seats and dashboard, the meticulous manner everything is organized, and all of the neat little features. It’s that more attention to detail that helps you to recognize you made the right choice.

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Absolutely everyone is aware that cars depreciate. However Chevrolet cars have a tendency to hold a better resale price than other similar cars during the years. In other words, when it is time for your next Chevy car, you will be in a much better situation along with your trade-in/resale value.

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