Business Ideas for Women on a Low Budget

I haven’t missed BMEX (Barbados Manufacturers’ Association’s Exhibition) in over 10 years, this is where I make most of my contacts with business people and I have made many long term business friends and associates to date. BMEX is probably one of Barbados’ best trade shows.

For some women it’s not always easy choosing a career path, business ideas are plentiful and knowing that I wanted to be an entrepreneur was easy, figuring out what I wanted to do was the hard part.

>> Women Entrepreneurs <<

I read books and looked online, but I didn’t truly understand all of the different opportunities that were available.

Without knowing what to search for, I was lost, and many women I have met have encountered the same challenge. We hope the below list can help you decide.

Embroidery and knitting

Once again, these skills are highly in demand for making special dresses and furnishings. Advertise your services at community centers, religious places, schools and clubs. Moreover, embroidery and knitwear is in demand all-round the year.

Book keeping and accountancy firm

Book keepers are always in demand from small and large businesses. They keep accurate records of a company’s finances.Therefore, women who have great mathematical and accounting skills can enter book keeping business. You can offer online or on-site book keeping and accountancy services.

Graphic designing and stationery

If you have any creative skills, put them to use from home. A good computer and appropriate software will suffice this purpose. Businesses small and large require graphic designers to make their logos and motley other stuff. They also need large volumes of stationery for internal consumption and customers.Graphic designing with printing is great income earner for single moms.

Health care for the elderly

You can do this yourself. Alternatively, you can enlist help of some trustworthy friends. Senior citizens often require someone to take care of them. Sometimes, they just need companions to talk and gossip or help around the home. Consequently, elderly people look for care-givers and daytime companions. Advertise your services in the local community.

Cake Making

Do you love to bake? Do you have a special recipe for chocolate cake that everyone raves about? Turn your passion into a cake baking business. The opportunities are endless – birthdays, baby showers, weddings, retirement parties, housewarming parties, bachelorette parties, and so on.
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Event Planners

Do you love to plan? From weddings and birthday parties to baby showers and retirement parties, Event Planners handle the details of location, budget, lodging, decorations, entertainment, food, beverages, transportation, activities, invitations and the like.


Start at home until you build a regular clientele, then maybe rent space in Bridgetown or a similar but nice mall around the island. Take your hairstyling skills home by cutting, coloring and styling client’s hair in the comfort or your home or theirs. On-demand sites. Do you have a cosmetology license?

House Sitter

Do you have a flexible schedule? Agree to keep on eye on individual’s homes and pets while they are away. Services can include feeding pets, gathering the mail and newspaper, making the house look occupied, watering plants, maintaining the yard and pool, paying bills and light housekeeping.

Interior Designer

Do you have a flair for design? Use your creative skills as an Interior Designer/Decorator to assist others with creating an environment that suits their personality and needs. Help homeowners use what they already and become an Interior Redesigner. Women Entrepreneurs have been succeeding in these areas for a long time.

Do the accessories make the outfit? Take your love of creating jewelry and become online jewelry entrepreneur. The avenues for selling are numerous: sell them to friends and family, approach brick and mortar stores about your jewelry, at flea markets or sell them through your own in home parties.

Massage Therapist

Are you a licensed massage therapist? Provide in home massage and spa treatments, or take your skills on the road and offer chair massages at conferences, grocery stores, malls and other events.

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Jewelry Making

Do the accessories make the outfit? Take your love of creating jewelry and become online jewelry entrepreneur. The avenues for selling are numerous: sell them to friends and family, approach brick and mortar stores about your jewelry, at flea markets or sell them through your own in home parties.

Personal Chef

Take your passion for cooking and create menus and meals for others. Personal Chefs can charge per meal or day and specialize in niche segments like vegetarian diets and gluten-free. Out of this can come many catering jobs and maybe contracts, don’t delay start today!

Personal Trainer

Managing one’s health and body is something most people have problems with so if you are a health nut and exercise is your forte, then help others achieve their fitness goals with your experience, knowledge, and motivation, this is huge market and pays well.


Do you have a distinguishing eye? Then use your talent to take photos for others – family photos, kids, pets, weddings, special events and professional headshots. When you start to derive happiness from seeing the joy on your customers faces, you’ll realize that photography has changed your everyday life.

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