Easter, Summer and Christmas Camps in Barbados

Summer camps are fun time, Easter camps also and some at Christmas, this is another break from school that children love, finding Easter summer camps isn’t that hard, join our mailing list and get notified of Easter camps in Barbados.

A popular trek for children to discover Barbados at summer camp time is the Welchman Hall gully, it’s a unique helping hands first view that children will love, also science and technology and robotics camps are new and every year we see more, trained camp counselors are the key to a good all round summer or Easter camp.


Welchman Hall Gully
Welchman Hall Gully


A traditional children summer camp is one that generally starts in June and continues until August.

In Barbados there are plenty of summer camps, where children will be exposed to many exciting things while making new friends, like computer education, tennis, craft, swimming, football, cricket and much more.

These kind of activities are popular amongst children of every age because it offers them the possibility to enjoy new things, meet new people and embark on an adventure of independence.

With that being stated, the following are popular reasons to enroll your child in a conventional children summer camp.

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Teamwork. One of the most essential experiences at a conventional summer camp is that of learning to work together as a group.

Whether or not it's during a sports activities event, a horse back experience or different group interest, teamwork is frequently required.

Much like in adulthood where teamwork is critical to regular life, youngsters will research the valuable lessons of operating with their friends toward reaching a common goal.

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Experiences. Travelling to new places, embarking on an interesting adventure and exploring the country are all a part of what makes a traditional children summer camp so special.

One of the largest deciding factors in selecting a summer camp is that of the summer camp activity that children will be exposed to during their time away from home.

Swimming is a very popular summer camp activity and is likely to be explored by many parents.

For children who cannot swim, hiking is another fun-filled summer camp activity that allows children to explore and enjoy nature around beautiful Barbados at its finest.

Hiking trails, small streams and the beauty of the undisturbed country life is a sight that every child will enjoy and may even snap a few photos to remember their favourite summer camp activity.

Barbados Summer Camps

Every child enjoys some type of sport whether it is volleyball, football, basketball or table tennis. Much to their liking, sports is a very popular summer camp activity that all children can participate in.

Sports is a popular summer camp activity, in part, because it shows children how to work together.

Not every summer camp activity is one that requires a lot of physical strength, however, as children will often be invited to participate in arts and crafts.

This is a popular summer camp activity because it explores the creativity of each child and allows them to showcase their talent by creating something that is completely unique and may serve as a constant reminder as their time enjoying a favourite summer camp activity.

Weather permitting; another popular summer camp activity is to have a cookout. Grilling hot dogs, hamburgers and roasting marshmallows are a terrific way for children to explore the world of cooking.

Under the close supervision and participation of qualified camp counselors, everyone will enjoy a nice cookout under the sun.

Experienced teachers and instructors will be responsible for coordinating, and ensuring the safety of, every summer camp activity during the entire duration of the child’s stay.

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Lost and Found

For most children, summer camp is what you might call a more-and-less experience: They may have made a lot more friends while away, but they usually return home with a lot less of the clothes and other personal items than they originally packed.

Blame it on the childish carelessness, but that tends to be what happens at camp.

So, what’s a parent to do? The obvious answer: Label everything.

Keeping Track

One of the biggest challenges parents and children deal with when planning for summer camp is packing and keeping track of personal items, so here are some things you can do to stay on top of things.

  • Vinyl labels - Available in big and small sizes from most places, these waterproof, UV-resistant, peel-and-stick labels go on any smooth surface, from water bottles to sunscreen, from goggles to iPods to hairbrushes.
  • Clothing Tattoos - Permanent, iron-on transfers available in white, navy or pink. They stick to clothing the way a logo is printed on clothing.
  • Bag tags - Brightly colored plastic tags that make it easy to identify children’s luggage. Mini- tags are also available to identify keys or pencil cases; they can even hook onto zippers, so children can identify clothes, duffel bags and more.
  • “Call me” cards-Preprinted with a child’s contact information, these cards are great to hand out to friends, easing the bittersweet emotions of summer goodbyes.

We hope you found this information helpful and educational!

Parent often ask “where can I find a summer camp near me”. On this page are some popular summer camps you can find near you and you might want your child to attend also.

Barbados National Sports Council is also an interesting place to check for primary schools and their camps.


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