How To Avoid Your Death In Barbados By Using Memorials

Maybe a family member or close friend met their untimely death in Barbados, keep their memories alive using online memorials.

When you die that does not have to be the end.

Avoid your memories being forgotten in Barbados by telling your family about permanent online memorials at

Memories aren’t only for famous people.

The idea of planning your own funeral for some feels surreal, for others they have a well thought out plan with exactly how they wish to be laid to rest with specific instructions expected to be carried out.

These instructions can be carried out by a healthcare agent, financial agent or a family member that they trust and who is responsible enough to carry out their wishes. One of Barbados’ funeral directors can help you prepare your funeral arrangement prior to your death.

Before settling for one funeral service you should meet with various funeral directors. This allows you to select the precise items and compare and contrast the prices.

Planning your own funeral can be beneficial to your survivors, it takes away the stress of making decisions after a traumatic event like death and while under duress.

Barbados Funeral Homes & Services

  • Bryan’s Funeral Home
  • E Pamela Small Funeral Home
  • Keith Jones Funeral Home
  • KMJ Transport & Funeral Services
  • L.E. Smith Funeral Home
  • Jo-Anne Jones Funeral Services
  • Syd Jones – St. George’s Home For Funerals
  • Tudor’s Funeral Home
  • Two Sons Funeral Home
  • Waithe’s Funeral Home

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Book-Keeping After You Pass

After you have passed, the hospital or hospice will give your next of kin or agent your death certificate with the time and date of your death.

Next step is, they will have to contact one of Barbados’ funeral homes and begin the process of preparing for the funeral, they will ask various questions and file for certified duplicates of the death certificates.

Your family will need six or more copies of these certificates, for numerous reasons. To close banks accounts, notifying pensions and various other reasons.

However, if you choose a funeral service they will do all of this for. This will be at a cost and will be encompass in your detailed funeral bill if you choose a funeral service.

Should you get cremated or buried? The idea of a burial makes some queasy so they opt for cremation. While others don’t like the thought of cremation.


We know you would be here today if Heaven weren't so far


One’s faith and budget can also decide whether to be cremated or buried. For example, cremation is forbidden for Muslims. For those who follow the Islamic faith, embalming is prohibited and the body must be buried as quickly as possible.

Embalming is a chemical solution used so the body does not decompose too rapidly, therefore the only option available at their disposal is a burial. Cremations are generally less expensive, but the price will vary depending on the urn you select.

Another factor that will determine cremation or burial, will be whether you choose to donate your organs or your body.

Open Or Closed Casket

If you chose a burial, the burial options will also depend on your faith and budget. The next decision to make is whether you want an open casket or a closed coffin. This will depend on two factors; your cause of death and if you choose to donate your body or organs.

Open caskets are generally the most expensive choice because of embalming, cosmetics and other factors. Most persons prefer open casket as it allows for closure, your loved ones get to see you one last time before you are laid to rest.

Ultimately the decision is yours, however the final say should be left to the person in charge of your funeral proceedings. For example, an open casket would be a lot more difficult for your family and friends if you were in an atrocious accident, in this case a closed one would be the better option.

One of Barbados’ funeral directors can assist you in choosing the option, whether that be cremation or a burial.

How Much Does A Funeral Cost

Funerals can be extravagant or modest and it all depends on what you like. Most funeral services provide a full package but you can also create your package and the items you want it to comprise. Most packages usually contain memorial cards with your name, date and a picture with a religious or nature photo as the backdrop.

At the wake or viewing, a guest book is provided to allow the guest to sign as they enter the venue. The package will most likely contain a thank you card for those who send or bring flower and tributes.

All of this will be done for you by the funeral parlor. They will also provide a transportation service. This could be in the form of hearse, cars, or limousines, and will take you to and from the funeral service.

The parlor may use a Barbados online obituary service to notify others of your death and funeral proceedings. Obituaries are a great way to briefly detail the deceased’s life. In the past, Barbados death notices were only available in print media like the Nation or via a radio broadcast.

This made them visible only to person who resided in the island. Now they can be seen online and this service allows anyone to see the obituaries of person who passes away in Barbados.

Many Barbadian nationals have migrated to foreign countries leaving behind friends and over the year, they may have lost contact.

Barbados online obituaries allow persons who are a part of the Barbadian diaspora access to the local obituaries and the opportunity to say a final goodbye to long-time friends who they may have lost contact with.

You can opt for both a traditional memorial by placing an obituary in the newspaper and placing one online.

Creating a Legacy to Honor Your Loved One

A memorial is a great way to honour the legacy of your loved one that has passed. When you think of memorials, you envision famous memorials like the Thomas Jefferson memorial located in Washington and other famous memorials throughout Washington.

However, memorials are not just for people of national significance but the everyday man can have one as well.

On obit moments, memories really do live forever.  This website facilitates Barbados online memorials.

The loss of a loved one is never an easy experience. When you lose a family member or a close friend whether it be from natural causes, an ailment or an accident, the memories you two share can live on forever.

One way to honor your loved one legacy and life is by giving them a memorial. Barbados online memorials service available at is the perfect place to start.

A Barbados online memorials service, allows anyone to create a memorial online for their loved one.

This a great way to pay tribute to a loved one and celebrate their life. Majority of people do not know about memorial services besides the traditional ones.

However, they are various memorial service options available to honor your past loved one’s life. From modest memorial poems to extravagant funeral memorials.



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The possibilities are endless when deciding on how to remember a loved one. The imagination can be stretched when planning an unconventional memorial.

A great option is a video showing photos and clips of the individual with voice-over from friends and family.

Everyone can share in the wonderful, dearest times and honor them in a setting where they found joy. Another unconventional option is to hold a memorial at a location that the deceased one love.

For example, a memorial service for a cricket player could be held at their local cricket club or even on a cricket field. Arranging a celebration of the individual’s life focused on things they adored can help everyone remember them as they were in life.

The nostalgia may cause tears to flow easily but this will be helpful to cleanse.

Give to a Charity

Another interesting and fairly popular option for a memorial is to give to a charity on their behalf. For example, participating in the local Cancer Society’s fundraiser fun walk/ run in honor of a lost one who volunteered with the organization would be a great way to honour their accomplishments in life.



Whether helping with the organizing of the fundraiser or actually running or walking in the event, this a true memorial to a loved one.

For persons who wish to partake in the memorial of their past loved one but are unable to attend the funeral due to disability, geography, or other obstacles an online funeral is the best solution. This permits everyone to reach out and aid in each other healing.

They may attend an online funeral and share in the grief and enjoyment that is a part of the celebration of the loved one’s life. This is done via a video feed from the actual funeral service and is placed online, it can be placed online after the funeral or stream live allowing those not physically present to share the moment in real time.

The internet allows for many possibilities when it comes to a memorial service. In Barbados online memorials can done on

This gives everyone the chance to be included in the laying of the person’s soul to rest.

Setting up an online memorial may even help with the healing of the loved one passing.

An online memorial can be created with a collage of photos, favourite quotes, beloved songs, it can even contain links to their favourite charities.  They can allow others to post their favourite memories and times with the deceased, this will truly honour and celebrate their life.

By allowing others to post their favourite memories or quotes from the deceased, the memorial will take on a new life and direction, and be filled with memories painting a holistic picture of the loved one’s life.

Posting pictures and their achievements permits everyone to grieve, even those unable to attend the service.

Begin the Healing Process

The most significant step after the death of a loved one is to begin the healing process, even if you hold a traditional funeral service or an online memorial, healing is of the upmost importance.

Some of Barbados’ funeral homes provide grief counselling for the deceased one’s family and close friends.

Going through the mourning process and finding a way to honour their legacy and reminiscing about the person can be part of the process of healing.

The idea of posting your loved one’s history and memories on a public website may seem unsettling and to combat this you can make a password protected site that only those who you want to have access can view your online memorial.

This makes it a personal and close memorial but permit those divided by geography to share in the morning, and healing process. Most importantly a memorial service is a celebration of the life and accomplishment of a loved one.

If your loved one was an ex- serviceman or woman or a family member of one, you can have a war memorial in Barbados at the Barbados Military Cemetery.

A war memorial can be a building, tribute, statue or any structure design to celebrate a war or victory, or to honor those who perished in a war, or those who were once servicemen.



Selecting a Cemetery Memorial

Memorials are available depending on which cemetery you choose. All cemeteries have rules and regulation and you should make sure that you are up to date on these rules before you purchase a plot or niche to avoid any confusion or hiccups. Some cemeteries allow for more than one person to occupy a plot, others may not.

If you would like a headstone, ensure that the cemetery that you choose allows for such. Headstones are never included in the price of the plot, they tend to be expensive and are generally made by a contractor. Sometimes the cemetery may recommend one to you.

Some cemeteries only permit bronze memorial plaques. Make sure you find out if the price of the plaque is included in the price of the plot.

The plaque will generally contain a specific amount of letters, the cemetery administration will provide a sample of words and terms that you can use for example “Our Beloved…” accompanied by a date, time, name and a logo of a rose or lily or flag.

Occasionally, the plaque may come with a built -in vase that allows for flowers to be effortless stored by its ability to push in and out of the plaque.

For those who wish to be cremated, you will be placed in a cremation niche which is basically a burial space that unlike a cemetery is above the ground. The deceased person’s remains after they have be cremated are placed into an urn, this is placed inside and sealed.

The niches come in several dimensions. Each one is sufficient to hold the ashes of at minimum, one person. The price for the niche will normally include a writing on the wall.  This inscription will only contain a name and date.

You can organize with the crematorium and indicate to them when you want to put the ashes in the niche.

You can have a memorial service on the date you wish to put the ashes in the niche, once the ashes are placed in the wall the inscription will be made.

Additionally, if you are preparing for the future by paying these installments before your passing, make sure your family is aware of all of the measures and has the deeds to the plot or niche.

There will typically be a compulsory “opening fee” to bury someone in the at the site, so be transparent about what extra payments will be involved.

Now that you know some of the basics of planning and arranging a funeral, visit for additional information and ideas for your online memorial.

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