Pelican Craft Centre Festive Fridays

When someone says Pelican Village the associated thought is craft, but Pelican Village has transformed into so much more over the last five decades. To be more precise, and if my facts are correct, the beloved home of craft was started in 1964. Pelican Village was named after Pelican Island, a small island just off the coast of Barbados which was later merged with the mainland to accommodate the extension of the Deep Water Harbour.

In those early days, Pelican Island was uninhabited and thought to be named after the many pelican birds that lived there. It was joined to Barbados and then part of the Bridgetown Harbour when it was built; at the time it had a sick bay area for tourists and crew members as they came off the ships.

Once again in April 1999 Pelican Village was modernised and remodeled into Pelican Craft Centre, to date it’s the largest modern facility wholeheartedly dedicated to the arts and crafts in Barbados.

Thousands of visitors from cruise ships leaving the Barbados Port where ships must dock in Barbados pass by the Pelican Craft Centre every day all day from morning until night. This is one of the captivating first sights seen by people visiting Barbados from all over the world.

To those not knowing where this wonderful place is, it’s located in St. Michael on Princess Alice Highway between the Bridgetown fish market and the Barbados Cruise Terminal or as we say the Bridgetown Port. Bridgetown is the largest city in Barbados and also the Capital.

The Best Way To Start Your Weekend in Barbados

Visit Pelican Craft Centre any day of the week except Sundays and you will be amazed to see some of the world’s best craft creations unique to Barbados and second to none; made from all kinds of materials and. not to mention, the many beautiful original paintings from some of the best artists Barbados has produced.

When visiting Pelican Craft Centre be sure to visit and enjoy both the workshops where you can see the skilled craftsmen and women bringing art to life and also the retail shops where you can purchase these treasured pieces of Barbadian art.

Some amenities include air-conditioned Retail Shops, Artist wall, Restaurants, Wine Bar & Bistro, Confectionery, Paintings & Sculptures, Clothing & Fashion items, Home decorations, Ceramics, Jewelry, Gift baskets with local goodies, Souvenirs, Rums, Cakes, T-shirts and many more, all made in Barbados.

Some say seeing is believing and the wonderful folks at Pelican Craft Centre will not let you down; go and see Cigar making (Cuban cigars), yes I went and saw this for myself, Moulded figure-making, Metal artwork, Glass blowing, Batik, Fine art, Straw work, Mahogany Wood-carving, Basketry and Pottery are some of the arts made.

festive fridays road parade barbados

The entire Pelican Craft Centre is wheelchair and disable friendly so everyone can come and see the wonderful works of skilled craftsmen and women.

Join the Barbados Tourism Marketing, Inc. (BTMI) as they take Pelican Craft Centre to the world stage for locals and visitors alike.

Festive Fridays bring new and exciting life to Pelican Craft Centre with a night market every Friday from 4pm with a street parade and lots of art and craft made from local artisans; including music, entertainment and not to forget, food and drinks from a wide selection of vendors serving up some of the best mouth -watering dishes that will have you coming back for more.

Come this Friday and every Friday with friends, family and workmates for a great time while enjoying succulent Jerk Pork, national dishes, Breadfruit Bowls and live entertainment, there is no admission for this fun filled Bajan lime.

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