15 Companies In Barbados You Can Volunteer From Zero To Hero

How Volunteering Work Enriches Your Life In Multiple Ways

Are you experiencing a lull in your life where you feel bored with your current living situation? Maybe you’re out of work and feel unsure about how to progress forward in life. If you identify with this or are just feeling unfulfilled or restless lately, consider volunteering.

 :mrgreen: Volunteering can advance your personal and career growth immensely:

1. When you volunteer, everybody wins. The agency or organization you work for gets some tasks completed without having to pay someone to do them. And the people or animals the agency supports will benefit from the work you do for them.

2. As a volunteer worker, you’ll expand your personal horizons.

  • If you’re a social butterfly, you’ll make new friends. If you’re quiet and shy, volunteering will facilitate your personal skills. Win-win!
  • It’s not unusual for volunteers to discover they share common likes and interests with staff members they work with.
  • You’ll be exposed to completely new environments, depending on where you choose to help out. You’ll meet new people and experience new things.

3. Volunteers re-define their professional image in a number of ways. You’ll learn new skills that will help you in both your personal and professional life.

  • Often, agencies who utilize volunteers don’t require you to have specific skills when you begin. Therefore, you “hit the ground running.” This can be incredibly exciting and enriching because you’ll have opportunities to discover new abilities and practice new skills.
  • Also, there’s a real possibility that you’ll expand your business network whenever you volunteer. Coming into contact with a diverse group of people may even provide possible job opportunities for you as well.

4. Volunteering will refresh you in your job-hunting efforts. Giving your time and energy into a volunteer project literally allows you to escape from your normal routine. When you volunteer, you’ll become invigorated with new energy, passion, and drive.

  • You’ll be reminded of the skills you have, the confidence you hold, and the energy you expend when you’re doing a job.

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5. You’ll feel great to know you’re helping an organization and those they serve. Giving to others can evoke wonderful feelings within you and the people you help.

  • Knowing that you’ve made a real contribution to people or animals will enrich your life in countless ways.
  • Helping people who need aid taps in to your true humanity. You’ll be reminded that everyone needs assistance at some point in life. And you’ll feel humbled by the experience of coming to the aid of others who are truly in need.
  • Animal lovers stand to derive great personal pleasure by helping at a local humane society, animal rescue facility, or animal-fostering program. Getting exposed to new animals and learning how to care for them can provide fascinating learning experiences when you volunteer with an animal-related organization.

Deciding to volunteer involves taking a look at your current situation first so you can fit this activity into your schedule on a regular basis. Investigate your volunteer possibilities and go for it! Embrace all of the enriching experiences that volunteering offers.

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15 Companies You Can Go From Zero To Hero


The Ark Animal Welfare Society Barbados

The Ark is run by a team of loyal and dedicated volunteers. We would not be able to give our dogs the high standard of care we are so very proud of without our valued and appreciated volunteers. Financed solely on donations and fundraising events. Give them a call today (246) 435-4108.

Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA)

This organization was established in 1991, as the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency primarily responsible for coordinating emergency responses and relief efforts for participating states that needed such assistance. In 2009 it transitioned to CDEMA and fully adopt the principles and practice of Comprehensive Disaster Management. You can volunteer with this organization by emailing your curriculum vitae and a letter of interest to dona.walker@cdema.org.

The Natural Medical Centre

Have you ever wanted to volunteer at a natural medical centre? If yes, then you can volunteer at The Natural Medical Centre. They have never had volunteers before, but they are open to accepting volunteers.  This centre is the first completely integrated healthcare clinic in Barbados that incorporates natural and traditional diagnostic testing and therapies. If interested you can send a letter of interest to  corithi.inc@gmail.com

Sandy Crest Medical Centre

Sandy Crest Medical Centre is a family and wellness medical centre that is completely equipped to provide urgent and emergency care. Known for their five -star service at a reasonable price. Did you know that you can volunteer at this medical centre?  To do so you must write a letter of interest address to the medical administration officer. You can volunteer in their clinical, housekeeping or administration department.

Foster and Ince Cruise services

Foster and Ince Cruise services is one of the companies that make up the Foster and Ince Group. This company has been in operation for over 40 years and is known for their exciting island tours, homeport and destination services. Volunteering, with this company could be a possibility but not guarantee. If you are interested in volunteering for this company you can email a letter of interest to application@foster-Ince.com.

Solar Dynamics

Are you in need of practical experience? Solar dynamics offers on the job training for persons who have a trade in plumbing or welding. Solar dynamics currently spearheads the development of solar hot water systems for residential and commercial use in Barbados.  Persons who have a trade and need on the job experience can contact them at 425-1540.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The Queen Elizabeth hospital provides persons who are interested in learning and gaining practical experience in the field of medicine the opportunity to volunteer with the organization. Students over the age of 16 only need to fill out an application form and provide two recent testimonials to volunteer, adults must provide this along with a police certificate of character.  If interested you can volunteer on the medical, pediatric or surgical ward. Persons can also volunteer in the engineering, radiology and medical records department.

The Green Monkey Chocolatier Barbados

Green Monkey Chocolatier in Barbados is known for its exquisite selection of handcrafted macrons and chocolate delights.  Though it has never had volunteers before, this young company is not ruling out the possible of persons who are interested in volunteering.  Persons can either volunteer in their factory or retail operation. You can bring in your C.V and state which department you would be interested in volunteering in.

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados Inc.

The heart and stroke Foundation of Barbados is a non-profit organization. This foundation is committed to helping others live a healthier lifestyle. You can volunteer with them by filling out the application form on their website and either scan and email it, or take it to their office located in #3 Railway View, Ladymeade Gardens Jemmonts Lane.

Sandcastle Real Estate, Barbados

Sandcastle, real estate and development specialist located in Barbados is a real estate provider in Barbados and the Caribbean region. If you are interested in learning about the real estate sector in Barbados and the Caribbean, you can volunteer with them. They offer volunteer opportunities   in the following position; administration, sales, rental checks, house showing, liaison and inquires.  If interested, you can contact them at 266-2323.

Capital Media HD 99.3

If radio broadcasting and media   is something you are interested in you may be surprise to know that you can volunteer with Capital Media HD.  Capital media radio station is located in the Limegrove life style centre. All you have to do is email   your  cover letter along with your C.V to spatterson@capitalhd.com.

Barbados Family Planning Association

The Barbados Family Association provide a full range of wide-ranging sexual and reproductive health care services for both men and women. They are more than a sexual and reproductive health care clinic as they also run a general medical facility. If you’re are interested in volunteering with them, you can do so by contacting their human resources department at 437-3561.

The Sparman Clinic

The Sparman Clinic prides itself on providing state of the art health care in the Caribbean. It offers a 24-hour service with doctors and nurses available around the clock and a 24-hour ambulance service. They also allow persons to volunteer at the clinic. Persons can volunteer in their reception, recovery, operative theatre, triage and pharmacy department. If you are interested you can send a letter of interest to ddecaul@thesparmanclinic.com

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Caribbean Dermatology and Laser Centre

The Caribbean and Dermatology and Laser Centre is known for their medical, surgical, aesthetic dermatology services. They aim to provide high quality and effective treatment in a modern and comfortable environment. If you are intrigued by dermatology and want to volunteer at this centre, you can. You must first send an email to B.durant@cdlcbarbados.com stating your interest.

National Council on Substance Abuse

The current authority on drug abuse reduction in Barbados, aims to empower community based organizations and private citizens through their creative, innovative and knowledge based programmes. If you are interested in volunteering in their various departments from research to administration you can do so by visiting their website and complete the online registration form.

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