Causes and remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

Women who are more sexually active are the greatest victims of Urinary tract infection or the infection of bladder or the kidneys. However, men also suffer from this infection but mostly after the age of 50.

Urinary tract infections are commonly caused by a bacterium that travels from the urinary duct or urethra into the bladder.

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Amongst women, pregnancy, sexual intercourse, diabetes or a past urinary tract infection leads to such kind of infection. The risk also increases when they wipe from back to the front after a bowel movement.

Typical symptoms include necessity to urinate frequently with the inability to pass more than a small amount or pain and burning sensation during urination or even dribbling or leaking during day and while sleeping. It is also possible that the urine develops a foul odor or become blood specked.

Do’s while you have a urinary tract infection
1. You should take antibiotics as prescribed by your physician. Make sure to take all the medication even though the symptoms disappear because if you stop the treatment early, some of the bacteria may survive and infect you again.

2. Take plenty of rest and if fever persists for long, stay in bed until it gets to normal and you feel better.

3. Drink 6 to 8 soda can size glass of fluids especially water each day to flush out your kidneys and wash out the germs from your urinary tract. If you drink cranberry juice or take vitamin C it shall help to make your urine more acid and keep the infection under control.

4. Urinate as often as you feel the urge and try to empty the bladder completely every time before and after sex.

5. Avoid intake of caffeine or alcohol during the treatment as this irritates the bladder.

6. Take showers rather than taking bath each day and wash the genital area with soap and water. Never use bubble bath or bath oils.

7. Also remember to wipe from front to back after urinating or having a bowel movement because this reduces the chances of germs getting into the bladder. It is also advisable to wear a panty with a cotton crotch.

8. Maintain your follow up visits regularly to cure the infection or else the lingering infection could even damage the kidneys.

Natural Supplements: Cardiovascular Health

More women fear breast cancer than any other disease. Yet cardiovascular disease (CVD) claims over ten times as many women’s lives as breast cancer. In fact, CVD is the nation’s leading cause of death for both men and women. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that CVD is almost entirely preventable. nutraOrigin, makers of high quality vitamins for women, shares the secrets of cardiovascular wellness.

What influences cardiovascular health?

One way to support cardiovascular health is to play by the numbers. All five of the following measurements tell you something about the state of your heart.

Cholesterol: excess cholesterol gets deposited in, and narrows, the artery walls
Triglycerides: elevated triglycerides are associated with a higher risk of coronary artery disease
Blood pressure: high blood pressure puts stress on the artery walls and increases the heart’s workload
Homocysteine: too much homocysteine degrades the structural integrity of the arteries
C-reactive protein: elevated C-reactive protein is associated with a higher risk for hypertension and CVD
Risk Factor Desirable Borderline Undesirable
Total cholesterol Below 200 200-239 240 and above
Triglycerides Below 150 150-199 Above 200
Blood pressure Below 120/80 120/80-140/90 Above 140/90
Homocysteine Below 10 mmol/L 10-18 mmol/L Above 18 mmol/L
c-reactive protein (CRP) Below 1.0 1.0-3.0 Above 3.0

Supplement secrets for heart health

Everyone knows that eating a healthy, whole foods diet and getting regular exercise are important for cardiovascular wellness. But did you know that select nutritional supplements can also make a big difference? Here are three to consider.

Developed by nutraOrigin, Cardio Balance features 10 mg of high quality policosanol. Multiple studies indicate that natural policosanol provides a worry-free way to support healthy cholesterol levels. Cardio Balance features policosanol from sugar cane – not the rice or wheat used in lower-quality products – which is the only form of policosanol proven to deliver cholesterol benefits. This policosanol supplement is produced using a proprietary, all-natural extraction process that delivers the highest quality finished product.

Omega-3 Essentials
Chances are you’ve heard about Omega 3 fatty acids, because they’re good for so many things. At nutraOrigin, we believe supplementing with Omega 3 fish oil, or Omega 3 for short, is one of the best things you can do for your heart. Here are just some Omega 3 benefits:

• Helps maintain healthy levels of triglycerides and C-reactive protein
• Promotes a desirable blood pressure
• Supports a regular heart rhythm

You can buy these essential fats as liquid Omega 3 oil, but most people prefer the convenience of Omega 3 pills. Whichever Omega 3 supplement you choose, just keep in mind that quality differs tremendously among different brands. nutraOrigin’s Omega 3 pills are highly concentrated, purity-certified, readily absorbed, and stabilized with antioxidants.

Nutra Multi Iron-Free
Because so many vitamins and minerals are essential for heart health, taking a comprehensive multivitamin like nutraOrigin’s Nutra Multi Iron-Free is a great way to take care of your heart. This one multiple contains: 1. a plethora of antioxidants, which protect against free radical damage, 2. the trio of B vitamins known to support healthy homocysteine levels, and 3. magnesium, essential for the integrity of the heart muscle.

The experts at nutraOrigin recommend taking all three formulas together for maximum synergistic effect.

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