Cow Heel Stew

3 lbs. Cow’s feet( chopped and cleaned)
1 can.kidney Bean
1 sprig Thyme
2 tbsp gravy browning
1 small onion finely chopped
3 single clove of garlic grated
1/4 cup of tomato ketch up or paste
¼ tsp. Salt or two large maggi cubes
½ tsp. Black Pepper
3 stlk. chive
1 Scotch Bonnet Pepper (optional)

Get the cow’s feet from the butcher shop or grocery store already chopped, cleaned, and ready to cook because this will save you a lot of time in the kitchen…pre-preparation.

Wash meat in cold water and then put it and the salt into the pressure cooker with about 5 cups of water. Allow the pressure cooker to boil the foot until the pot starts to make that steaming sound. Wait five minutes after the sound starts and then turn off the pot.

Do not remove the pot from the stove as yet. Let the pot cool down a little bit, wait five minutes. You do not want to remove the cover from pot while it’s hot, you can hurt yourself if you do this.

Put the pot under the pipe in the sink and let some water run onto the pot to further cool it down.

Pour out the contents into a saucepan and cook the cow foot some more with all the other ingredients, except the kidney bean, if the meat is not already soft. You can skim the fat off the top of the pot with a spoon while the pot boils.

Taste the stew 7 minutes after the seasonings are added. Get a second opinion from someone about the taste of the stew at this point. You could also some spinners to the stew at this point, it’s your choice.

Let the stew cook on medium and then add the butter bean to the stew 5 minutes before removing it from the fire.
You can serve this delicious stew with bread, white rice, yams, dumplings, or potatoes.

Essential Cooking Skills

All a student needs in order to benefit from this course is a genuine passion for cooking and interest in building sound technical skills in the kitchen.

What Will I Learn?

💡 Master basic cooking techniques which can then be used to create an endless variety of dishes.
💡 Understand the HOW of cooking, before thinking of the WHAT to cook.
💡 Learn the ABC of cooking to international standards. The basic skills covered in the course are: chopping and blanching vegetables, butchering a whole chicken, making basic stocks, making mother sauces, correctly cooking eggs, rice and pasta.



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