A Food Paradise at Marina’s Bar & Restaurant

Marina’s Bar and Restaurant is the place to be! It is one of the tourists’ hot spots, especially cruise ship passengers, and a favourite with locals as well. It is blessed with a bird’s eye view of the Constitution River, the Parliament Buildings and the Chamberlain Bridge from which the city derived its name.

The restaurant offers an international menu. You can feast on things American, English, some Caribbean, and of course Bajan. Marina’s Bar and Restaurant is the only one on island currently who performs Teppanyaki cooking. This Japanese method of preparing food is done in plain sight of the customer on an iron grill. It is a healthy option as no oils are used in the process. It is also entertaining to watch! Happy Hour is another popular time.

If you want to host a special occasion with the beauty of Bridgetown in the backdrop, this would be your ideal spot. The roughly twenty two hundred square foot property is available to host your parties; birthdays; receptions and business cocktails. Being located in Bridgetown means proximity to other businesses. The restaurant has responded to this reality by offering discounts on business lunches and collections for staff who may be lunching in. You can place your orders ahead of time to avoid waiting. The business has also sought to diversify into catering at business and social functions and has reaped success. In the future you may expect to be offered full service event management from start to finish.

The restaurant and bar have been in operation for the last five years, and owner Trisha is pleased with the progress so far. She herself has been in the hospitality industry for over thirty years. Although English born, she had two good causes to eventually settle in Barbados: she has Bajan parents and nothing can compare to the perpetual summer which is available on the island all year round.

I visited the restaurant with my two year old guest today. I was concerned about his age but my fears were allayed. In fact there is a full children’s menu which includes drinks and desert. Although the restaurant was pretty busy it never felt cramped. It was easy to relax and let the time pass. If I did not have another planned engagement this definitely would have been the case. The staff is friendly and responsive.

If you need a break from the rush, if you need to relax and regroup, pay Marina’s Bar and Restaurant a visit. Pull up a chair overlooking the waterfront and breathe again.

Tel: (246) 537-2251 or 537-2257
Website: www.marina-restaurant.com

Sheree-Ann Niles

Sheree-Ann Niles is a creative at heart. She loves colour, art and writing and is currently working on her first novel. She has also spent twenty years working in the IT departments of major financial services firms. She is certified in interior design, property management, computer science and management.