Amazed by Harvest Fest Expo Flea Market 2018

If the words bargain, amazed, sales, deals excite you then you might have a yearning for a flea market – the sponsored by Amazed; Harvest Fest Expo. Nothing feels better than buying amazing high-quality products for a fraction of the price.  Coming home with a bag filled with products at a stellar price, the satisfaction one receives when they purchase a product for a deal is incomparable.


This satisfaction is only out-done by the feeling of buying an array of products from home essentials, plants, natural soaps, clothing almost everything you would need from one place for an astonishing price. This was the feeling customers experienced at Harvest Fest Expo flea market on Saturday June 2nd held under the auspices of the Church of God at silver sands.

Harvest Fest Expo is the king of outdoor flea markets in Barbados. This first-time one-day flea market was admired and adored by vendors and customers alike they were so impressed they suggested that the event should be a bi-annual event.

Free Consultation

Imagine Banks Sporting Complex in Widley, St. Michael filled with people and items – stalls consisted of locally made natural soaps and body lotions, AMAZE products and AMAZE free gifts to all patrons of the event and free consultation with the AMAZE reps, desserts, household items, plants, trendy clothing, hand-made jewellery and vegetables.  Imagine shopping in a spacious, organized, clean and friendly outdoor environment while uplifting and positive music played as you browsed through the various stalls and interact with the different stall owners.

Each stall had its own personality, at Lauryn Creative Arts stall a green and yellow parrot ate an almond while on its owner’s shoulder, while the parrot satisfied its hunger the owner did a quick demo of how her pearl beads key chains are made.

Amazing Prices

For patrons with a sweet-tooth, Sweet Fairy had a rainbow, chocolate cupcakes in a cup and brownies. Harvest fest expo had everything that you wanted and at an amazing price.

Harvest Fest Expo 2018 was a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs and established businesses. The day has been fantastic, the crowd response impeccable, persons were particularly interested in the 30% discount code was the sentiments expressed by  Ryan Boyce aka ‘ the real Ryan Boyce’ from AMAZE. For entrepreneurs, who partake in flea markets it can help them get a taste of their business and is a great way to market their products.

Patrons would take a leaflet/ business card then place an order during the week, this was the experience of Lauryn from Lauryn creative arts, who is not new to participating in flea markets. They also provided entrepreneurs with access to a range of potential customers they otherwise would not have the chance to interact and engage with.


As the organisers would advertise the flea market and people from various backgrounds would visit.  Harvest Fest Expo benefits were two-fold customers received great bargains and vendors received exposure.

The star of Harvest Fest Expo 2018 was platinum sponsor AMAZE. With a reputation for having amazing products and exceptional customer service. AMAZE booth was undoubtedly the mecca of the flea market. From mid-day until closing their stall was filled with raving repeat and new customers who were interested in their amazing products.

The show stealer was without a question the most-talked about product Argi9. Not far behind was the weight loss products followed by the hair growth products. Not only were the products amazing but the deals were as well. For one day only AMAZE had all products 30% off storewide to all persons who visited the Harvest Expo. Customers were in-love with their Bamboo vinegar detox foot patch which is a great way to remove harmful toxins from the body.

Preventive or Corrective Measure

The crowd favourite Argi9 is a multipurpose and multi-use supplement. It can be used as a preventive or corrective measure. It addresses the root cause of various health issues and not just the symptoms. This product can also be used by anyone. Sales associate Tonya explained Argi9 is beneficial for persons suffering from numerous illness; high blood pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, poor circulation, sickle cell anaemia and a variety of other chronic illnesses. She also indicated that persons suffering from cancer would be particularly interested in their TIG-10 supplement as this supplement can be used to prevent as well as treat cancer it actually destroys cancer cells and the AMAZE cancer patients are receiving very excellent results from using this product.

For those who wanted to lose weight, AMAZE had a variety of weight-loss products. AMAZE weight-loss products range from Lean care which is specially formulated for persons with metabolism issues, this product speeds up the metabolism while cutting cravings which leads to a reduction in weight it also detoxes and address water retention (bloating) and protects you from damage from the fat lipids.


The AMAZE Slimming Cream gives an extra boost this slimming cream is perfect for those who are somewhat fit but just need an extra boost in fat burning. This cream is applied to specific areas to increase fat burning. This product is beneficial for persons who use a slimming belt as the cream can be applied underneath for even faster results and AMAZE does sell the Slimming Belt to accompany this slimming cream. Another product in the weight loss catalogue by AMAZE is the slimming patch which is applied to the navel area for a couple hours to increase fat burning.


Amaze hair growth products are well received by customers, the hair care line consisted of a moisturizer, hair growth tablets, shampoo, hair growth spray, hair oil and a head massager. Use alone or in combination they lead to an increase in hair growth and hair retention.

Harvest Fest Expo was not all about businesses some vendors were there on behalf of a  charitable cause, a handful of the vendors present at Harvest Fest Expo were there to garner financial support for a worthy cause. Elmira drakes and her colleague goal were to raise funds to help renovate their church and purchase a fridge.

At the end of the day, organizer of the event Stacey Blunte and her assistant Tashia Benskin were proud of the quality and variety of the products by the vendors and were pleased with the crowd turnout. The event was scheduled to conclude at 4:30 pm an increase in the crowd turn out in the late afternoon,  lead to an extension of the time by an hour.


The success of the flea market inspired the organizers to hold another one, however, they are still not sure whether it would be a bi-annual or annual event as a full post-mortem meeting will be needed. Next time, however, they intended to include both in person paper registration and an online registration which would make it easier for vendors to register and improve the accessibility.

AMAZE offers the best quality natural products for a large variety of cosmetic and health issues; eg. high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, depression, male dysfunctional problems, hair loss, skin discoloration and acne, menopausal & menstrual symptoms, fibroids, infertility, poor circulation, varicose veins, various vision problems including cataract, glaucoma, blurred vision, bleeding in the eyes etc and AMAZE also offers body enhancement and weight loss products as well as well as nutritional products.

Customers receive Amazing and Miraculous results from the AMAZE products. AMAZE offers products to treat as well as prevent various disorders. AMAZE is located at 12 & 13 Harvest Plaza in Oistins, Christ Church, Barbados and opens Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm and Sat 9am – 5pm Tel: 420 -7809 – website:

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