Travel Tips for Barbados and Your Embassy

In this post we will be looking at where you can find embassies in Barbados, but before we do, a few travelling tips.

There is much that you can do to prepare for your trip abroad, depending on where you are going, how long you are staying, and your reasons for traveling.

The following suggestions and sources may be useful:

Do your homework and read as much as possible about the countries in which you plan to travel.

Informing yourself about a nation’s history, culture, customs and politics will make your stay more meaningful.

Should anything happen and you need cash it’s important to know your banking options.

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Such information can be found in most libraries, bookstores and tourist bureaus.

Although English is spoken in many countries, it is a good idea to learn what you can of the language of the country in which you will be traveling.

Barbados is an English speaking country and our first language.

Travel agents can provide brochures and tourist information about the countries that you wish to visit.

Most international airlines can supply you with travel brochures about the countries that they serve. Many countries have tourist information offices in main cities in the United States where you can obtain travel brochures and maps.

Embassies are all over the world because there are a lot of countries in the world, and they need to have people to represent their interests to conduct relations directly between their governments, as well as look after the interests of their citizens travelling and living there, although some people would have questioned the need for them.

Embassies are usually the homes of ambassadors so that countries can quickly open diplomatic relations and resolve diplomatic disputes as quickly and easily as possible.

Countries have many embassies these days because our world is becoming increasingly interconnected and one thing that happens in one country will have a domino effect on other countries.

So it is in many countries best interest to be on as good terms with as many countries as possible and ambassadors are necessary for that.

Below you will find embassies in Barbados contact information.

Travelling to or from Barbados

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Plan and evaluate different discount travel packages and select the one that fits within your budget and needs.

A discount travel package is one way of saving money on trips to popular destinations.

Travel agencies can help you decide on a package that suits your pocket. they have multiple packages and you get a handful of options in front of you.

A travel agent can even customize your travel package according to your background. This includes, the time and duration of stay, popular places in and around your destination and even accommodation.

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These things should be taken into account when you decide on a travel package.

Also, due to immense competition in this industry, one should always compare packages with other agents. This will give you bargaining power, if possible.

It is not necessary that a discount travel package will have all those things which you have in your mind.

Guesswork or assumption might not help here, so speak up and inquire properly, say “yes” only when you are 100% convinced with the details mentioned in the package brochure.

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Remember, a travel package that is well planned and managed can lighten your traveling load and make the trip more valuable and fun.

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 😛 My partner and I are coming home(he is from the island)this month and I wanted to share the following, always set your watch to Bajan time-which means 2 hours later than you thought,get used to speaking to strangers everywhere/anytime…READ MORE

 😛 Barbados, There is so much to say about the place, its FAB. My best beach is PARADISE beach located in holetown St james. Food Love the Fishcakes & Spagetti and Cow (corned beef). Places to EAT CHEAP – Banana Bar St Peter on the main Holetown Rd facing Sandrigde Hotel…READ MORE

 😛 Barbados,is the best!!!!! I agree with the others! I have visited the Island for many years now, I used to stay in a resort, then I met friends there (natives to the island) they welcomed me to there home, took me in as one of their own,and now every time I am there I will only stay with them…READ MORE

 😛 Barbados is heaven on earth. From it’s white sandy beaches, to the crystal blue waters, to your friends and fine hosts, it is truly a island worth travelling to. When I arrived on the island, and stepped off the plane, it felt like I was returning home…READ MORE

Embassies in Barbados

The High Commission of Canada
Address: Bishop’s Court Hill, St. Michael P.O. Box 404 Bridgetown BB11113 Barbados
Phone: (246) 629-3550 | Fax: (246) 437-7436 | Website:

U.S. Embassy
Address: Wildey Business Park, St. Michael BB 14006 Barbados, W.I.
Phone: (246) 227-4000 | Fax: (246) 431-0179 | Website:

Chinese Embassy
Address: No. 17, Golf View Terrace Golf Club Road, Rockley Christ Church, Barbados
Phone: +1-809-4356890 | Fax: +1-809-4358300 | Website:

Consulate of Colombia
Address: Rosemary Dayrells Road Rockley Christ Church, Barbados
Phone: (246) 429-6821 and/or 430-0524 | Fax: (246) 429-6830

Embassy of Venezuela
Hastings, Main Road Christ Church Bridgetown, Barbados
Phone (+1 246) 435 7619 / 8062 | Fax: (+1 246) 435-7830

Honorary Consulate of Sweden
c/o Norton Lilliy Barbados Limited 2nd Floor Atlantis Building The Shallow Draught, P.O. Box 263
Phone: 00-1-246-436-1101 or mobile: 00-1-246-233-6047

Embassy of Cuba
Address: Palm View, Erdiston Drive St. Michael, Barbados, W.I.
Phone: (1-246) 435-2769 | Fax: (1-246) 435-2534

Jamaican Consulate
Address: Jamaican Consulate Suite #3, Carleigh House Golf Course Road Christ Church, Barbados
Phone: 1- 246-622-4095

Honorary Consulate General of Finland
Address: Trident Insurance Company Limited Broad Street, 1st Floor Trident House, Barbados
Phone: (+1 246) 431-2347 | Fax: (+1 246) 427-5750

Consulate of Austria
Address: Knowlton, Exeter Road, Navy Gardens, Christ Church, Barbados.
Phone: (+1 246) 439-3000, (+1 246) 246 230-7335
Fax: (+1 246) 439-2020, (+1 246) 758 450-0002

Bahamian Consulate
Address: 102 Husband Heights St. James, Barbados
Phone: (+1 246) 424-5082 | Fax: (+1 246) 424-0556

Honorary Consulate General of Germany
Address: Brittons Hill, St. Michael, Barbados. W. I. P.O. Box 17 B, Brittons Hill, St. Michael. Barbados. W. I.
Phone: (001246) 427-1876 | Fax: (001246) 427-8127

Honorary Consulate of Belgium
Address: No. 609 Bushy Park Rockley Resort Christ Church Barbados
Phone: (+1 246) 435-7704 | Fax: (+1 246) 435-7704

Consulate General of the Republic Guyana
Address: Harbour view House, Highgate Park, Collymore Rock St Michael Barbados
Phone: 246 537-2767 | Fax: 246 537-2776/2779

Embassy of Brazil
Address: Hy Brasil, The Courtyard, Hastings, Christ Church BB 15156 Barbados
Phone: (+1 246) 427-1735, (+1 246) 435-2113 | Fax: (+1 246) 427-1744

Royal Danish Consulate
Address: c/o Yankee Garments, Grazettes Industrial Park, Barbados
Phone: (246) 424-4995 | Fax: (246) 424-5643

Ecuadorian Honorary Consulate
Address: Stepney House St. George, Barbados
Phone: (+1 246) 437-4817 | Fax: (+1 246) 437-4701

Dominican Republic Consulate
Address: No. 1 Guillodem Road St. Michael, Barbados
Phone: (246) 432-6930 / (+1246) 432-6930 | Fax: (246) 432-6919 / (+1246) 432-6919

Embassy of Italy
Address: Bannatyne Pltn. House Christ Church, Barbados
Phone: (+1246) 437-1228 | Fax: (+1246) 437-1227

Australian Consulate
Address: 2nd Floor, Cedar Court Wildey Business Park, Wildey St. Michael Barbados
Phone: (+1246) 434-1130 | Fax: (+1246) 434-1131

Argentinian Embassy
Address: Lucerne Building-The Courtyard-Hastings-Christ Church, Barbados
Phone: (1-246) 537-1800 / 1801

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