What Can You Do About Smart Home Security Right Now

In today’s world, advances in technology are replacing traditional methods of communication and security.

For decades information communication and technology companies (ICTs) have provided society with an immense array of new communication abilities.

Companies like RS Electronics aim to help both residential and commercial clients navigate this world of information communication technology.

Homes and Business

They also aim to help persons equip their homes and business with the latest security systems. RS Electronics is best described as an information communication and technology company that provides solutions for residential and commercial clients.

This company has evolved since its inception in 2012, where it primarily specialized in information communication technology providing technical solutions for both home and commercial purposes.

Throughout the years, the needs of the market have changed quite a bit.

Business owners need faster ways to connect to the internet and transfer large data files in seconds.

For 100 years the main way to wire your office or home has involved the use of copper cabling. Today this type of wire is insufficient as it does not allow for the quick transmission of information.

RS Electronics has advanced with the time and offers fiber optics installation. Fiber optics is the technology that transmits data via thin strands of an extremely transparent material, this material is usually either glass or plastic.

Unlike cooper cabling that uses electricity to transfer information, fiber optics does not rely on electricity and is therefore a lot safer.

Most businesses rely on an effective network system to carry out their daily business activities. When constructing a small office network, the two most vital pieces of equipment you will need are routers and switches.

Switches connect numerous devices (computers, printers, servers) simultaneously onto the same network within a building.

Information and Communication

This enables connected devices to share information and communicate with each other.

It is impossible to configure an office network without using a switch to link all devices together. A router combines multiple networks together. A small office network will need more than one router. This device connects your networked computers to the internet.

Enabling your devices to communicate with the outside world and protecting your information from security threats. Setting up a network can be both expensive and very time consuming for a novice.

If you want to connect your office desktop PCs, printers, servers, and  surveillance system to a switch you should contact RS electronics and they will guide you through the process of having a fully functional network system.

If you are setting up a business and need help with network cabling, servers and network design, check out RS Electronic Promotions on their Facebook page or website.

Although technology advances have made our personal and professional lives easier they have also contributed to some stress.

For example, poor WIFI signal connection in your home. Have you ever been at home and suddenly your WIFI connection weakens when you leave the room?

This is where companies like RS Electronics thrive. They aim to relieve the stress and discomfort associated with technological hiccups.

They fix internal wireless issues and repair internally damaged telephone lines.

What makes RS Electronics a unique company is their passion for ICT’s and security devices.

Having a peace of mind in your home while away from home is what we all want to achieve. In today’s society more and more people are concerned about the safety of their property.

Most people spend a substantial amount of time away from their home, because of this most burglaries occur when the home is vacant. An increasing amount of people are searching for new security devices that protect their property while away from home.

Advancements in technology have made it easier for home owners to invest in ‘Smart Home Security System”. A smart home security system, connects your home security system to your home WiFi network which allows you to monitor your home while away.

These systems allow you to control a variety of security devices via application on your smart phone.

You can remotely control and lock your home doors and turn on and off your lights all from your phone. One of the popular smart home security devices is a video doorbell camera, this device allows you to see who’s at the door without having to physically get up.

Like most smart home security devices, this connects to your home WIFI and it alerts you whenever someone approaches the door. You can even communicate with them using your smart phone.

Relax While On Vacation

The main benefit of this device is that it allows you to be able to see things that are afar so you can truly relax while on vacation and feel confident that your home is secured.

Smart home security systems allow persons to feel comfortable and at peace while away from home. RS Electronics’ Managing Director noted that an increasing number of Barbadians are upgrading their homes with smart home security systems.

Currently, equipping your home with a smart security system is quite expensive but the representative from RS Electronics thinks in the near future the price of such systems will decline and become more accessible.

Whether you’re a business owner or a home owner RS electronics provide solution to your daily troubles.

From poor WIFI signal connection, troubleshooting network problems, installing and trouble shooting Private Branch Exchange(PBXs) to enhancing the security of your property.


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