Why Drinking Naya Spring Water Is The Way To Go

Do you want clean vibrant skin? Try Naya spring water.  Drinking water has been link to an improvement in the skin. Doctors recommend that we try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. The human body requires water to regulate its temperature ,and sustain the health of organs within the body . The body loses water through breathing, sweating, and digestion, rehydrating the body is essential.

The current sewage fiasco in the southern parts of the island can make meeting that daily requirement and rehydration a challenge. Having access to clean water can be a challenge. Luckily for you, this will not be the case, you can buy a 500 ml bottle of Naya spring water for $0.99 from most supermarkets around the island. Having access to clean purified water is now the least of your problems.

Naya spring water was lab tested by a government agency , the results indicated that Naya spring water is rank comparable to Evian water. Naya spring water was rank higher than Zephyrhills in terms of purity, the test revealed that Naya water is cleaner and contains no impurities. Western Wholesale Inc. noted that Bajans have been very receptive and pleased with the products ,and sales have been steadily climbing for the past five years since the introduction of Naya spring water in Barbados. They noted that every couple of years Naya spring water is tested for impurities to ensure and maintain the highest standards of the water sources.

They are extremely proud of their quality of water. Another fact about Naya spring water is the majority of the water is source from Canada. Some of the other benefits of drinking spring water include, natural body detoxifier, decreases muscle and joint inflammation, maintains a healthy body weight, healthy glowing skin and the spring water contains natural mineral compositions that are needed by the body.

Naya spring water is perfect for bajans who want clean pretty skin, spring water is known to improve the appearance of skin making it more vibrant and pretty. Naya spring water is ideal for anyone who wants to drink more water, they can feel confident in knowing there are consuming water that is naturally sourced and also supporting their health and vitality. Bajans ,especially those that live on the south coast can be assured that they will meet their daily water requirements by drinking Naya spring water which is clean, purified and lab tested to ensure the highest standard.

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