Barbados Online Memorial & Obituary Website

People have always created memorials to remember their loved ones and celebrate their lives. Now you and friends and relatives anywhere in the world can share precious memories by creating your own unique Online Memorial; a personalized tribute that’s a wonderful way to gather memories of someone special and allow their life to be remembered and celebrated with Barbados’ online website Obit Moments (

An Online Memorial

Share your memories by creating a personalized Online Memorial and create a unique commemoration to your loved one. Some of the options available to you:

      • Funeral details – share information about the funeral, including the location and details of the service, with your family and friends.
      • Biography, photographs, videos, stories – share your favourite memories of your loved one and enable family and friends to share theirs by adding a lovely photograph you’ve never seen or a special story you’ve never heard.
      • Charitable donations – many people now choose to make donations to a specific charity in memory of a loved one.
      • Lasting legacy – you can create a beautiful and lasting record and legacy for your family and friends and future generations by extending the Memorial or even designing a Memorial Book containing memories from the Online Memorial

They do all the work for you, how great is that, simply send them the details and in a few hours it’s all done!

Create a lasting legacy of your loved one with an Online Memorial that can include:

      • Obituary – create your own image to your loved one.
      • Funeral details – share the details of the funeral with friends and family.
      • Condolences – allow both those who cannot attend the funeral and those who can to share their messages of sympathy and memories of your loved one.
      • Charitable donations – share the details of a chosen charity in memory of your loved one so family and friends can make in-memory donations.
      • Biography, photographs, videos, stories – create a unique commemoration to your loved one by adding as many stories as you wish as well as adding photographs and videos.

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