Black History Month at Nukunu Fashions

Step off the pavement of Broad Street in Bridgetown into the Colonade Mall and into the world of Nukunu.

This specialty store is located upstairs at the mall, and has been in operation for the last seven years to the delight of its customers, many of whom are regulars.

Afro centric, with excellently finished garments and good old Bajan hospitality is what has earned this store its reputation and provided much of its advertising.

Nukunu, which means miracle in Ghanaian, is owned by Esima Austin. She excitedly recounts her journey into fashion design which began in Ghana at the tender age of eleven.

She created custom clothing for herself, her family members and eventually others. With certifications in hand, she opened her first business in 2005.

Marriage would cause her to migrate to Barbados, but not separate her from her desire to share her talents, knowledge and the beauty of African garments, and so Nukunu was born in 2011.

The store sells, creates and designs authentic African wear also Bags, Bras, Shoes, Jewelry and accessories. Customers may chose from ready-made clothing, select a style from a catalog or bring their own ideas with them. Free alterations are done to store bought clothing and staff will also advise on the best options based on body type so that you can have the right fit.

 The traditional as well as what is the cutting edge in African fashion is on display as the store caters to customers of all ages and preferences. One can find suitable ensemble for all occasions: funerals, weddings, church and so on. Do not leave without fully looking the part!

There is a range of appropriate shoes, bags and jewelry to complete your outfit. Beauty essentials such as soaps, butters and oils are also available.

Nukunu also sells the afro printed and woven fabrics which make the garments, but that is not all; you can find other typical fabrics such as lace on sale as well.

If you dream of celebrating your nuptials in a traditional way, Nukunu can facilitate your wedding ceremony, supplying all the paraphernalia needed to give you the perfect setting.

There has definitely been a trend towards celebrating African garments, culture and hairstyles in the western hemisphere over the last two decades. Barbadians are therefore privileged as we do not have to go far to have this experience ourselves – Nukunu is here!

As Mrs Austin says with a smile, “You are welcomed.”

Tel: (246) 424-0352
Tel: (246) 843-3702
Colonnade Mall, Bridgetown.

Sheree-Ann Niles

Sheree-Ann Niles is a creative at heart. She loves colour, art and writing and is currently working on her first novel. She has also spent twenty years working in the IT departments of major financial services firms. She is certified in interior design, property management, computer science and management.