Christmas Holidays In Barbados

Christmas day in Barbados is arguably the biggest holiday celebrated on the island.  Similarly to other Caribbean island and some countries in the world, Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25th in Barbados.

The Christmas holiday and New Year’s period is also the busiest time of the tourist season in Barbados as most tourists prefer  to visit the island around the holidays.

As one of the top Caribbean destinations for New Year’s breaks, Barbados tends to appeal to the rich and famous and is a common New Year’s Eve spot for celebrities.

Christmas day and New Year’s Eve in Barbados is full of festive activities and celebrations.

Barbados is a prominently Christian society and Christmas is one of the major religious holidays in the Christian religion.

Christmas day in Barbados is celebrated to honour the birth of Jesus Christ. On Christmas day most Barbadians attend a church service, then they spend the rest of the day socializing with family and friends.

Christmas Vacations in Barbados

During the Christmas season stores and restaurants throughout the island offer many items at a discounted price. This season is the perfect time to shop and take advantage of the many sales and discounted items.

During the Christmas season which usually begins the first day of December, many Barbadians host Christmas party for their friends and families, most business owners also host Christmas celebration for their staff.

Christmas day in Barbados is a national holiday, and most spend the day with friends and family eating and drinking. North American and European visitors love spending Christmas in the tropics where the weather is always above 25 degrees Celsius.

This is a stark contrast to the weather in their respective countries where during the Christmas season in North America and European the temperature is typically below 20 degrees Celsius.  For this reason, winter time is peak tourist season for Barbados.

Tourists exchange their winter gear for beach wear. They trade the cold and damp weather of their countries to enjoy the warm sunshine and friendly people of Barbados.

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Christmas season is the time of the year when Barbadians participate in Bajan traditions and customs with special activities and events.

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Barbados’ Christmas Day Traditions

Many Barbadians begin their Christmas day celebration with a midnight worship. Most Barbadians either go to an early Christmas Morning church service or Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

Following a worship service, some Barbadians proceed to Queen’s Park to parade their outfits. Queen’s Park is usually filled with patrons dressed in their finest attire, they stroll through the park taking pictures and catching up with friends whom they have not seen for a while.

The outfits on display range from traditional outfits to current fashion trends with the highlight of the day being the fashion statements on display in Queen’s Park.

The atmosphere is filled with joy while Christmas music, the Royal Barbados Police Force Band, Tuk Band, and gospel performers play music in the background.


Queen’s Park is not only an event for locals but visitors also gather to celebrate Christmas morning in Queen’s Park to partake in this tradition.

After the Christmas parade, all the patrons partake in a Traditional Bajan Christmas Lunch at either their homes or family and close friends homes.

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Christmas lunch in Barbados usually consists of alcoholic spirits, Jug-Jug, Glazed Baked Ham and Great Cake (Christmas rum & fruit cake). Barbadian Christmas dishes include baked pork and butter-basted turkey, green peas & rice and sweet potato pie, all created by following traditional recipes.

Sorrel Drink and Punch -a-Crema are two of the most popular drinks consume around the holiday.

After lunch, it’s time for unwrapping gifts. The remainder of Christmas day is spent giving gifts to family and friends.

The day after Christmas day which is known as Boxing day is also spent visiting family and friends, hosting parties, and driving around to appreciate the Christmas lights and decoration.

Local Christmas Traditions & Customs in Barbados

Christmas season in Barbados is also a time for cleaning, most Bajans take this time to clean, and renovate their homes.

They buy new furniture, change their curtains and re-paint their homes. Exploring Barbados during this time, you can expect to see labourers working over-time to ensure all the renovation are finished before Christmas Day.

This is a busy season for all Barbadians, during the Christmas season Bajans are shopping for Christmas gifts, household items, groceries, and hosting social events.

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Music and Decorating

The capital Bridgetown is decoratively lit, roundabouts on the highway are also laced with red and green lights, snowmen, reindeer and other ornaments that symbolize Christ.

Not only are the roundabouts decorated, but many Barbadians decorate their homes for Christmas.

Families drive around the island admiring the various household impressive decorations and lighting designs, this is a very popular tradition in Barbados known as ‘Christmas drive’.

Christmas concerts are a common occurrence throughout the island during the holiday season. Concerts are held at various churches, bandstands, and parks throughout various communities on the island.

Two of the most popular and anticipated concerts are ‘Christmas Jazz’ and the Rotary Club’s ‘Carols by Candlelight’.

Musical acts at Christmas concerts can range from international to Bajan Christmas music, choirs, the Royal Barbados Police Force and even a Tuk Band.

Conventional carols and original Christmas music are played frequently throughout the holiday season.

Radio stations feature Bajan groups like; The Cecilian Singers, Sing Out Barbados, The Merrymen, Joseph Niles, The Draytons Two, The Sand pebbles, and several other Spouge artists and popular Bajan performers.

The next big holiday after Christmas day is New Year’s Eve.

NEW YEAR’S EVE in Barbados is a night full of festivities, they are several parties and events occurring on the island.

Tourist can ring in the New Year in the wonderful island of Barbados. You can choose to stay in one of the astounding hotels or villas located on the island.


Barbados is known for its beautiful hotels and resorts and by  2019 the Hyatt hotel is set to open in Barbados.

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New Year’s Eve in Barbados is commonly referred to as ‘OLD YEAR’S NIGHT’ by the locals. As in most countries around the world, New Year’s Eve Night is a festive occasion.

In Barbados , New Year’s Eve Celebrations differ slightly, the celebration usually begins in a Church as most Barbadians attend Midnight Mass before they party the night away.

Some couples take advantage of the various dinner specials offered at various local restaurants, after dinner they may go to the beach to enjoy the firework show and then maybe a hotel.

Not only couples take advantage of the dinner specials around this time, locals and tourists also dine first or go out for drinks, but some may also bar-hop.

After dinner, many attend New Year’s Eve parties throughout the island, where they dance the night away into the new year.

What makes New Year’s Eve in Barbados different? You get the chance to enjoy the warm weather, parade on the beautiful beaches and take part in the traditions and customs of the welcoming people of Barbados.

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The morning after all the festivities, it is time to watch the sunrise on the east coast. Barbadians and tourist meet up with friends who celebrated Old Year’s Night at different events.

Throughout the island, they are breakfast specials available at the various restaurants for all the party goers.

The best way to start the New Year is to spend it on the tropical Island of Barbados, where you can relax and enjoy the warm weather.

Although some people are still recovering from the night before, a beach day or a picnic excursion is a perfect way to spend New Year’s Day.

While on the beach you may even spot your favourite celebrities, who through one of the real estate agents on the island may have rented a vacation home or villa for their Old Year’s Night celebration.

Spend your next family holiday Christmas vacation in the tropical Caribbean destination in Barbados.

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